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Disclosure Concerning Anonymously Processed Information

Disclosure Concerning Anonymously Processed Information

Tourist Information Chatbot “Jorge” Management Office (hereinafter referred to as "this Office”), which operates the tourism information chatbot “Jorge” (hereinafter referred to as “Jorge” or “this service”), discloses that it will continue to generate processed information that cannot be identified individual person (hereinafter referred to as “anonymous processing information”) and provide it to third parties. This Office will continue to generate anonymous processing information from the user information (attribute information, service usage history information, etc.) which collected through this service and use it. In addition, this Office will continue to provide the anonymous processing information generated from the user information, which is collected through this service (attribute information, service usage history information, etc.), to third parties.

 Categories of information concerning an individual contained in the anonymously processed information we create and provide to a third party:
・ Living country
・ Month and year of birth
・ Sex(gender)
・ Service usage history
(History information of conversation, information browsing and movement on this service usage.)

 Destination of the anonymously processed information
Anonymously processed information is provided to the local governments and businesses and organizations that are providing or considering providing tourism related services in order to plan tourism measures and improve tourism services.

 Providing method of anonymously processed information to a third party
Anonymously processed information is encrypted and made into a data file and provided via security insured internet or by handing over electric medium such as compact discs.

"Anonymously processed information" in this disclosure means information relating to an individual that can be produced from processing personal information so as neither to be able to identify a specific individual nor to be able to restore the personal information as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

This Disclosure Concerning Anonymously Processed Information is executed in Japanese language. Japanese language shall be the governing language.
Any translation of this Disclosure Concerning Anonymously Processed Information into any other languages other than Japanese is for convenience of reference only.

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