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Tourist Information Chatbot “Jorge”Terms of Use of Jorge

About this Terms of Use for Jorge
Tourist Information Chatbot “Jorge” Terms of Use (hereinafter known as the “ Terms “) defines the conditions of the use of “Jorge” operated by Tourist Information Chatbot “Jorge” Management Office (hereinafter known as the “Office”).
Users are required to read and agree to these Terms of Use before using Jorge.
Currently, Jorge is a trial period, so the contents of this service, including the contents of the Terms, may be changed, canceled or terminated without notice.

Article 1(applicability, amendment and modification, of these Terms of Use)
1.Applicability of these Terms of Use
These Terms applies to all actions and the consequences taken by the users of Jorge.
Users must comply with any writings, separate from the Terms, which are published by the Office through Jorge or are distributed to users, with titles of guidelines, policies, rules, etc. in regards to this Service as such writings are regarded as part of these Terms.
2.Amendment and Modification of these Terms of Use
The Office may amend these Terms if required.
The Office shall notify users in the case where amendments are made to these Terms, and confirm consent from users if necessary.

Article 2(definitions for terms)
In these Terms, the meaning of the following terms is defined below.

“User (or users)” means an individual, who uses Jorge in general.

(2)Input Information
“Input Information” means information that users who consent to comply with these Terms input into Jorge.

Article 3(contents of Jorge)
1.About Jorge
Jorge is a service in which the Office provides tourist information on a specific area in a conversational format to users who are visiting that area.

(targeted user, use of condition, of Jorge) 2) (3) “Jorge” can be used on LINE and Facebook messengers, as well as on the website. For both LINE and Facebook messengers, users can use it by linking with their Jorge account (registering friends in the case of LINE)
Article 4
1.The Targeted User of Jorge
(1)Jorge is for those who are aged 16 or over.
(2)Jorge provides services on the assumption that it will be utilised in Japan. Any access or utilisation from outside the country is not assumed.
2.Use of Conditions of Jorge
(1)Users under the age of 19 shall obtain consent on using Jorge from a person who has parental authority over that person.
(2)Users who are willing to use Jorge, required to read and agree to Terms of Use before using Jorge.
“Jorge” can be used on LINE and Facebook messengers, as well as on the website. For both LINE and Facebook messengers, users can use it by linking with their Jorge account (registering friends in the case of LINE)
(3)It is a Users' responsibility to prepare and maintain communication equipment, software and any other equipment and communication lines needed in connection therewith that a User needs or will need in order to use the Service. User shall connect to Jorge via such communication devices and communication lines, etc. with their own responsibility and expense.

Article 5(use period of Jorge)
The use of Jorge initiates from the time when users agree to the Terms, and sustains until the user closes the web browser, LINE app, or Facebook messenger app.

Article 6(register, deregister and suspension)
1.User Registration
(1)Jorge does not require user registration.
(1)Jorge has no user registration, so there is no withdrawal.
3.Suspension of Use 
Jorge will not be suspended based on user requests.

Article 7(handling of information obtained from users.)
1.Basic Policies
Jorge handles collected information including personal information from Users in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Jorge.

2.Contents of information collected from users, and purposes of its use.
(1)Jorge collects Users’ information for the following reasons.
For the provision, maintenance, and improvement of Jorge
For identification of Registered Users in Jorge. For management of Registered Information in Jorge.
For providing information on Jorge and responding to inquiries, etc., to Registered Users.
For responding to offensive acts against these Terms and other regulations of Jorge.
For data aggregation and analysis on relevant field of Jorge and Relevant Services. (※)
※For the purpose of data collection and analysis in relevant areas, Information including the information of other businesses, entity and collected information are processed into a form that cannot be able to identify a specific individual, or to an analytical data form. Then be shared.
For enhancing its Users’ convenience when sharing information, etc., including the use of related services.
Other purposes of use related to the reasons mentioned above.
(2) Jorge collects following attribute information.
Country of Residence
Month and year of birth
Other information input into this service by the users

(3)Jorge collects the following information on service usage history due to the use of this Service by Registered Users.
Access history
History of input into Jorge and history of Jorge reply to the users. (viewing history, information on locations, etc.)
Cookie information (access log on websites)
History relevant to ID Linkage with Relevant Services

※Jorge uses Google Analytics for collection and analysis of access on websites based on cookie information.
 Please refer to the link below for the privacy policy of Google Inc. for Google Analytics.
Google Analytics Terms of Use
Google Privacy Policy

3.Provision of Information to third parties
(1)Jorge may provide collected information to third parties without prior permission of users in any of the following cases
・In a case where information disclosure is needed to protect people's lives, bodies or assets but it is difficult to obtain permission from users, or
・In a case where the information disclosure is required to improve public hygiene or to promote the healthy development of children but it is difficult to obtain permission from users, or
・In case of a merger, division of businesses, business transfer of the Office, as the service operator for Jorge, or a case where the Office transfers some or all of its businesses including Jorge to third parties.
・In a case where it is required to cooperate with public organisations, local public groups or companies contracted with such groups to allow them to implement operations defined in laws, and where it is considered that the exercising of such operations is disturbed by users by obtaining an agreement from them.
・In a case where information disclosure is permitted according to Private Information Protection Laws or other laws.

4.Management on the collected information
Jorge continuously collects and obtains User’s information while using Jorge.

5.The request, contact related to the handling of personal information
Please contact us using an inquiry form designated by the Office if you wish to send us a notification, disclosure, suspension including the provision of third parties, correction, addition, removal of the purpose of the use according to the Private Information Protection Laws or other relevant laws, or suspension of information provided to third parties.

Article 8(management of user ID and password)
In Jorge, user ID and password are not set by the use.

Article 9(prohibition of unauthorised use of intellectual property rights)
The Office and its program provider retain all rights, including copyright, service mark, logo and all other intellectual property rights. Such intellectual property rights shall not be used in any matter without authentication from the Office or its program provider.

Article 10(prohibited acts)
Users must not take actions defined in the following for the use of Jorge.
Offensive actions against the law, public order or decency.
Actions related to criminal activity.
Offensive actions against intellectual property rights to third parties, or other rights defined on other laws.
Offensive actions against the operation of Jorge, or actions that can possibly be related to that.
Actions regarded as transfer or bond rights to third parties without obtaining the prior written consent of the Office based upon the rights of these Terms, or the status of Users.

Article 11(restriction in use, and removal of user’s account.)
The Office may restrict the use or remove a User's account from this Service without prior notification in cases where an act by users is applicable to any of the following items.
A case users violate these Terms, or
A case where the Office judges Users' condition as not appropriate.
The Office bears no responsibilities for any losses of users that are occurred due to the actions of the Office implemented according to this Article.

Article 12(suspension, change, termination, of Jorge)
1.Suspension, change, of Jorge
In case of a change or Suspension in services of Jorge, the Office, in principle, shall notify users in advance. However, the Office can change the content of Jorge, or suspend the provision of Jorge without prior notifications to users in any of the following cases. The Office bears no responsibilities for any losses suffered by users that are occurred due to the actions of the Office implemented according to this clause.
A case where maintenance to computer systems for this Service are taken place urgently, or
A case where computers, communication lines, etc. stop operations due to accidents, or
A case where the operation of Jorge is impossible due to a force majeure including fire, blackout, natural disaster, etc., or
Other cases where the Office judges urgent suspension or changes, of Jorge, is necessary.
The Office bears no responsibilities for any losses of users that are occurred due to the actions of the Office implemented according to this clause.

2.Termination of this Service
The Office may terminate the provision of Jorge anytime due to their circumstances.

Article 13(responsibility of Users)
1.Users' responsibility for the use of Jorge
Users shall use Jorge on their responsibilities, and be responsible for all actions and its consequences.

2.Conflicts with third parties
Users shall, on their responsibilities, resolve conflicts, etc. between Users and third parties relevant Jorge, and the Office bears no responsibility to such matters. In a case where the Office suffers damages (that include fees for lawyers) from any conflict between users, the users must immediately compensate to the Office for such damages by fulfilling the claims from the Office.
3.Liability for damages
In a case where Users causes damage to the Office by in its act of violation of these Terms, the Registered User shall compensate the Office for such damages.

Article 14(disclaimers)
1.The Office shall not be held liable in any way for damages suffered by the Users due to the use of Joge.

Article 15(severability)
If any provision of this Agreement is found invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected in any way.

Article 16(notification and contact)
(1)Notification or contact from users to the Office in regards to Jorge shall be send e-mail that can be found at a certain page on the website of Jorge.
(2)Notification and contact from the Office to the individual User shall be made using the email address registered either to Jorge or to inquiry form that can be found at a certain page in the website of Jorge. In case of such an event, the Office considers the email to be received at the moment the email is being sent from the Office even if the User does not receive the email.
(3)Notification or contact to all users regarding this Service, including a change of these Terms or suspension of Jorge, shall be made by posting on adequate places on the website of Jorge.

Article 17(governing law and jurisdiction)
(1)These Terms shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the law of Japan.
(2)Any and all dispute regarding Jorge shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.

© Copyrights Jorge Management Office. All Rights Reserved

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